Green Star Childcare

A Home away from Home. We Care. We Learn. We Play.

Green Star Childcare is a licensed home based daycare.

We care.

At Green Star Childcare we believe that each child is extraordinary and has the ability to confirm that with his/her peers in the most unique ways. Our care and happy demeanour is acting as a supportive role towards building a realistic set of values. Giving care always take different forms based on individual needs of each child. Emotional Intelligent play a big fact in how we care and show affectation while teaching in a home based daycare environment.

We learn.
Some of things that make Green Star Childcare fun and engaging are “Exploration time” , Yoga practice, “Fun Family Phonics” model of teaching ABC, Exciting Circle Time, Science experiments, Gym time, Academic pre-school, all of which combined with a daily schedule will provide your child with a balanced variety of curriculum to provoke curiosity. We promote activity’s based on particular centres and themes, which will encourage learning and asking question with a self-directed wish of a child.

We play.
Green Star Childcare program philosophy is based on “best practice” model which ensures that children develop a natural curiosity that is nurtured through play time. “Best practice” method allows us to be consistent and maintain the quality of services provided to you and your child. We aim to inspire their independence and sense of community, open new avenues towards knowledge through play-based approach as well as more strict and self-corrective Montessori like methods.