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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

We Care. We Learn. We Play.


We care.
At Green Star Childcare we believe that each child is extraordinary and has the ability to confirm that with his/her peers in the most unique ways. Giving care always take different forms based on individual needs of each child. Emotional Intelligent play a big role in how we care and show affectation while teaching in a home based childcare environment.

We learn.
Some of things that make Green Star Childcare fun and engaging are “Exploration time” , Yoga practice, “Fun Family Phonics” model of teaching ABC, Exciting Circle Time, Science experiments, Gym time, Academic pre-school, all of which combined with a daily schedule will provide your child with a balanced variety of curriculum to provoke curiosity. We promote activity’s based on particular themes, which will bridge easily towards kindergarten expectations.

We play.
Green Star Childcare program philosophy is based on Best Practice model and RIE concept. Both practices are consistent towards the Environment been the 3rd teacher and supports the natural needs of your child. Uninterrupted and self directed play of your child is always enough and need to be acknowledged through sensitive observation/documentation.


Green Star Childcare statement of philosophy is based on "Best practice model" barrow from the mental health care filed. This model concentrates on skill building, empowerment, self-efficiently and individual resilience.
We base out day to day teachings on the RIE (Resources for Infant Edu-carers ) approach; because we are here to support your child to be: authentic, autonomous, competent and connected with their peers and environment.

RIE role is to create an environment in which your child can develop a love for : self-directed play, respectful limits, showing trust, accepting a large variety of feelings, natural physical literacy. The more predictable an environment is, the easier it is for a child to learn and become curious.
We as educators and parents demonstrate basic trust in children to be explorers and to learn what they are ready for. Because of this trust, we provide children with only enough help to allow the child to enjoy mastery of their own actions as a unique human been.

Green Star Childcare is committed to demonstrate long-term planning and continuous learning. We enroll children with divers abilities and adjust our learning curriculum as such to be inclusive to all. Because of my personal background was seeded in mental health care filed, I truly trust that follow up care is the best way to constantly develop and improve skills and knowledge; which I have applied from the very 1st day as a ECE professional

Pictures and Videos are on our FaceBook daycare account at your discretion to view and enjoy :


Refer to this schedule as a guide line for a regular daycare day, but not as a rule set in stone, as life has it things are not always perfect or need to be , we like to follow the “flow” directed by children and their daily preferences ; Our environment IS the 3rd teacher and it leads us to amazing play time. Natural development creates a unique dynamic between the kids and staff, each day is new, but the same due the structured routine that we follow

Daycare schedule is from 7.30am to 5pm

Drop off time frame from 7.30am to 9am 

Pick up time frame from 4pm to 5pm 

07.30 to 8.45 Play room/ GYM room /craft room 

08.50 morning snack

09.10 toileting/diapering 

09.30 preschool time 

10.00 book time 

10.15 circle time 

10.50 outside time, rain/shine/snow 

12.15 hot lunch 

12.30 oral care/toileting/diapering 

12.45 nap time 

02.30 wake up time

02.40 transition out of nap, drink water/milk, bathroom time/diapers

03.00 continue morning craft and /or projects that require more time for natural exploration

03.00 toileting/diapering 

03.30 preschool time OR group play

4.00 outside time (includes outdoor snack and play time)
5.00pm daycare closed 

PS: infants that require more than one nap a day have a private room to nap as per each child's unique needs, up until they are ready to sleep together with their peers.


Current 2023 FEES 

1. We are a peanut friendly environment.

2. Government Subsidy IS  accepted 

3. CCFRI program IS accepted.

An extra fee of $250 /month is for all food requires though the day ( early morning breakfast, AM snack, home made quality hot Lunch, PM snack), homo milk, diapers,/wetnaps, tooth paste/brush, muddy buddy's, clean bedding supplies.

Regular fees include daycare curriculum adequate for child’s age and reediness to learn. Large variety of art and craft, science experiments, complete participation in our daily Preschool program (allowing your child to better understand kindergarten expectations and also provide confidence in their current knowledge development

TWO months notice form is required to be filled in when you wish to leave Green Star Childcare.

Monthly fee will not be adjusted if your child isn't attending daycare for any reason( sickness, family time, weather related days, vacation, grandparent's days, etc) Special situation can be discussed in advance with the owner. 

Any changes to the above fees will be presented to the parents with a one month advance notice.

Only method of payment is e-transfer. 

To reserve a spot for your child please talk to owner and sign adequate forms. 


Pictures and Videos are on our FaceBook daycare account at your discretion to view and enjoy !

Green Star Childcare is a licensed multi-age home based childcare in the Westwood Plateau steps away from Bramblewood Elementary School. We are in our 11th year of providing childcare for family’s of Burnaby and CURRENTLY OF Coquitlam. Owner is a ECE licensed professional for the same amount of time and 7y  mental healthcare social worker background.

We provide an all-inclusive service ( 3 meals a day with no restrictions/allergies, oral care program supplies, nap time bedding, all diapering supplies, muddies buddies, all food outside of the daycare on field trips and much more) 

Registration kit, plus a parent reference sheet  will be provided to you at the time of your visit.

Deposit plus 1st months fees are requires to SECURE your spot.

Hours of operation are from 7am to 5pm Monday to Friday.